Urbino 2013

Fantastic, exceptional, beautiful, gorgerous, fascinating, magnificent, brilliant, colorful, stunning, impressing, lovely, enjoyable, divine, glorious, interesting, amusing, entertraining.


The town, the people, the teachers, the music, the last 10 days, the whole festival.


I can’t describe it properly, you have to experience it for yourself. I’ve never been to a class this big and this long before. But I will return.

I’ll be back.

Next year.

Let’s hope so.





It was great, really. Except for the gaming. I admit, I missed it a lottle. That’s like a litte, but a lot.


Aaaaand Ladies and Gentlemen: I realized I have to learn a new language. Wish me luck. Maybe next year I can go get a coffee all by myself without using my hands and feet to communicate? Who knows…


Actually… there are sooo many things I wanted to tell you. But it’s late, I’m exhausted from sitting in the train for 12 hours and now I’ll close my laptop and go to sleep. BOOM.


And, I’ve also decided to write much more English articles on my blog. Just in case you didn’t noticed.
Maybe this decicion will vanish like the beautiful cloud I’m still in.







(post scriptum: there will be some photographs for you in the next article to show you a little pinch of the spirit I was talking about earlier, I promise)

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Eine Antwort zu Urbino 2013

  1. Temmo Usstah' schreibt:

    Wow, kudos to you! ^^ I still don’t dare to blog in english and you even put some puns and wordplays in it, you fucking native speaker! 😛

    Also because I am one annoying know-it-all – „Just in case you didn’t noticed.“ should be „Just in case you didn’t notice.“ 😉

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